Cytoscape 2.x Plugins Release Note

Plugin Name: CyTargetLinker

Version: 2.0

Release Note:

- show and hide functionality for every loaded regulatory interaction network -> in the Result Tab
- possibility to apply a threshold (edge between two nodes is supported by at least x RINs) -> in the Result Tab
- CyTargetLinker dialog: drop down box for node attribute containing the identifier (better usability and no invalid entries anymore)
- special network parser (only loads the necessary edges of a RIN) - a lot faster, allows the usage of big RINs (e.g. TargetScan or MicroCosm).
- RINs are ordered based on the number of newly added interactions -> in the Result Tab
- RINs can contain more than one identifier system (see new networks on, supporting EntrezGene, Ensembl, HGNC, miRBase id and miRBase accession number (miRNA mapping miRBase version 14-18).
- provided network for pathway-gene associations (source WikiPathways)