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Warning: This wiki has been superseded by Google Docs. Please do not update this wiki, as it will not be maintained and will soon be withdrawn.

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1 Lab Meeting

Meetings are Wednesday, 11 am - 1 pm in BRF2 room 2A03. See the lab's Google calendar for the upcoming schedule and speakers. Lab members can import it into their own Google calendar for easy reference. Contact Charlotte Curtis ( for scheduling requests.

2 Journal Club

Every Tuesday 11:00AM at 4th Floor Conference Room
List of Papers Presented

3 Lab Presentations

4 Reproducible Research Initiative

5 Lab Protocols

6 Ordering Coffee

7 Computing in the lab

IMPORTANT NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT PAUL DIRECTLY … Funnel all computing/cluster issues to Barry first, then Barry will go over priority of these issues with Paul

8 Useful Tidbits/Tool-tips

9 User pages

Lab phone list

10 Articles

11 Lab Retreats

11.1 Lab Retreat 2015

11.2 Lab Retreat 2014

11.3 Lab Retreat 2013

Information regarding our lab retreat to Two Harbors, July 12-14, 2013.

11.4 Lab Retreat 2011

12 Other Lab Events

13 Lab Research Teams

14 BRF/2

15 Getting started with a wiki

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