Cytoscape 2.8.0 API


Basic data classes used by Cytoscape.


Interface Summary
AttributeFilter Interface for defining CyEdge-based filters used for determining which Edges should be used for a particular operation, such as CyAttributesUtils.copyAttributes().
AttributeValueVisitor Interface for defining attribute value visitors--operations to perform on each attribute value using CyAttributesUtils.traverseAttributeValues().
CyAttributes CyAttributes provides access to network, node, and edge attributes within Cytoscape.
SelectEventListener Listener for SelectEvents fired by a SelectFilter object.

Class Summary
AttribTopoGraphNode Represents a node in a topological graph.
AttributeSaverDialog Dialog box to save various attributes.
CyNetworkUtilities This class provides static methods that operate on a CyNetwork to perform various useful tasks.
ExpressionData This class provides a reader for the common file format for expression data and an interface to access the data.
ImportHandler Central registry for all Cytoscape import classes.
Interaction protein-protein or protein-DNA: parse text file, encapsulate
NetworkData There is an event fired anytime that a value is modified, you need to be listener to the attribute name though.
SelectEvent Events that are fired when the selected state of a Node or Edge, or a group of Nodes or Edges, is changed.
SelectFilter This class implements the ability to set the selected state of every node or edge in a GraphPerspective.
Semantics This class defines names for certain data attributes that are commonly used within Cytoscape.

Enum Summary

Package Description

Basic data classes used by Cytoscape. This is also the superpackage for other packages that contain special types of data-related classes.

Cytoscape 2.8.0 API

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