Cytoscape 2.8.0 API

Class CyGraphAllLOD

  extended by cytoscape.render.stateful.GraphLOD
      extended by ding.view.PrintLOD
          extended by cytoscape.ding.CyGraphAllLOD

public class CyGraphAllLOD
extends PrintLOD

CyGraphAllLOD is the level of detail (LOD) class used for the "Show Graphics Details" menu item. It should be thought of as a "preview" for printing or exporting a network to some high-resolution graphical format (PDF, SVG, etc.). Essentially, this extends PrintLOD, but to preserve some efficiency we override the textAsShape method to allow us to continue to use fonts.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 boolean textAsShape(int renderNodeCount, int renderEdgeCount)
          textAsShape is called to determine if the text labels should be converted from fonts to text
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Constructor Detail


public CyGraphAllLOD()
Method Detail


public boolean textAsShape(int renderNodeCount,
                           int renderEdgeCount)
textAsShape is called to determine if the text labels should be converted from fonts to text

textAsShape in class PrintLOD
renderNodeCount - the number of nodes
renderEdgeCount - the number of edges
true if text should be converted to shapes, false otherwise
See Also:
GraphLOD.nodeLabels(int, int), GraphLOD.edgeLabels(int, int)

Cytoscape 2.8.0 API

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