Cytoscape 2.8.0 API

Class CyLayouts

  extended by cytoscape.layout.CyLayouts

public class CyLayouts
extends Object

CyLayouts is a singleton class that is used to register all available layout algorithms.

Method Summary
static void addLayout(CyLayoutAlgorithm layout, String menu)
          Add a layout to the layout manager's list.
static Collection<CyLayoutAlgorithm> getAllLayouts()
          Get all of the available layouts.
static CyLayoutAlgorithm getDefaultLayout()
          Get the default layout.
static CyLayoutAlgorithm getLayout(String name)
          Get the layout named "name".
static String getMenuName(CyLayoutAlgorithm layout)
static void removeLayout(CyLayoutAlgorithm layout)
          Remove a layout from the layout maanger's list.
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Method Detail


public static void addLayout(CyLayoutAlgorithm layout,
                             String menu)
Add a layout to the layout manager's list. If menu is "null" it will be assigned to the "none" menu, which is not displayed. This can be used to register layouts that are to be used for specific algorithmic purposes, but not, in general, supposed to be for direct user use.

layout - The layout to be added
menu - The menu that this should appear under


public static void removeLayout(CyLayoutAlgorithm layout)
Remove a layout from the layout maanger's list.

layout - The layout to remove


public static CyLayoutAlgorithm getLayout(String name)
Get the layout named "name". If "name" does not exist, this will return null

name - String representing the name of the layout
the layout of that name or null if it is not reigstered


public static Collection<CyLayoutAlgorithm> getAllLayouts()
Get all of the available layouts.

a Collection of all the available layouts


public static CyLayoutAlgorithm getDefaultLayout()
Get the default layout. This is either the grid layout or a layout chosen by the user via the setting of the "layout.default" property.

CyLayoutAlgorithm to use as the default layout algorithm


public static String getMenuName(CyLayoutAlgorithm layout)

Cytoscape 2.8.0 API

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