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Interface Haltable

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LayoutTask, LoadNetworkTask, PersistImageTask, PluginManagerInquireTask, RedrawTask, RestoreImageTask, SampleTask

public interface Haltable

A hook for requesting that a running process be halted. A process which this hook refers to can only be run once per instance of this interface; once a process is stopped, it cannot magically restart. This implies that repeated calls to halt() will have the same effect on the [running] process as a single call will.

Method Summary
 void halt()
          Requests that a running process be aborted.

Method Detail


void halt()
Requests that a running process be aborted. halt() does not block; it returns quickly; it is likely that halt() will return before an underlying running process exits. If halt() is called before an underlying process is started, that underlying process should abort immediately if it is ever started. If an underlying process has been started and has finished executing before halt() is called, halt() will have no effect.

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