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Class Max

  extended by org.cytoscape.equations.AbstractFunction
      extended by org.cytoscape.equations.builtins.Max
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class Max
extends AbstractFunction

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Object evaluateFunction(Object[] args)
          Used to invoke this function.
 String getFunctionSummary()
          Used to provide help for users.
 String getName()
          Used to parse the function string.
 Class getReturnType()
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Constructor Detail


public Max()
Method Detail


public String getName()
Used to parse the function string. This name is treated in a case-insensitive manner!

Specified by:
getName in interface Function
Specified by:
getName in class AbstractFunction
the name by which you must call the function when used in an attribute equation.


public String getFunctionSummary()
Used to provide help for users.

Specified by:
getFunctionSummary in interface Function
Specified by:
getFunctionSummary in class AbstractFunction
a description of what this function does


public Class getReturnType()
Specified by:
getReturnType in interface Function
Specified by:
getReturnType in class AbstractFunction
the static return type of this function, Object.class, Double.cLass, String.class, or Boolean.class. If the static return type is Object.class, the dynamic return type will be one of Double.cLass, String.class, or Boolean.class and will depend on the arguments passed to the function! Note, this is used by external tools used to filter a list of functions based on what a valid return type might be. In Cytoscape it is used in the attribute browser's formula builder.


public Object evaluateFunction(Object[] args)
                        throws IllegalArgumentException,
Description copied from class: AbstractFunction
Used to invoke this function.

Specified by:
evaluateFunction in interface Function
Specified by:
evaluateFunction in class AbstractFunction
args - the function arguments which must be either one or two objects of type Double
the result of the function evaluation which is the maximum of the elements in the single list argument or the maximum of the one or more double arguments
IllegalArgumentException - thrown if any of the arguments is not of type Double

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