Cytoscape 3.0.1 API

Class ColumnResizer

  extended by org.cytoscape.util.swing.ColumnResizer

public final class ColumnResizer
extends Object

Automatically resize column based on the objects in the cell.

From Swing Hacks by Joshua Marinacci and Chris Adamson.
2005 Oreilly & Associates Inc. ISBN: 0-596-00907-0

Joshua Marinacci, Chris Adamson, Keiichiro Ono

Cytoscape Backwards Compatibility (Static Class): This class is static and therefore can't be extended by users. This means that we may add methods for minor version updates. Methods will only be removed for major version updates.

Method Summary
static void adjustColumnPreferredWidths(JTable table)
          Adjust the columns in the table to their preferred widths.
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Method Detail


public static void adjustColumnPreferredWidths(JTable table)
Adjust the columns in the table to their preferred widths.

table - The table whose columns should be adjusted.

Cytoscape 3.0.1 API

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