Cytoscape 2.8.0 API

Package cytoscape.visual

Framework for generalized mappings from graph attributes to visual attributes.


Interface Summary
VisualProperty Represents a visual property.
VisualPropertyDependency Define dependency of visual properties.

Class Summary
Appearance A class that holds the appearance information for NodeViews and EdgeViews.
Arrow This class is a replacement for the yFiles Arrow class.
CalculatorCatalog Stores various types of Calculators from data attributes to an attribute of a specified type.
CalculatorCatalogFactory This class provides a static method for reading a CalculatorCatalog object from file, using parameters specified in a supplied CytoscapeConfig.
CalculatorIO This class defines static methods for reading calculator definitions from a properties object and installing them into a CalculatorCatalog, and for constructing a properties object that describes all the calculators in a CalculatorCatalog.
EdgeAppearance Objects of this class hold data describing the appearance of an Edge.
EdgeAppearanceCalculator This class calculates the appearance of an Edge.
GlobalAppearance Objects of this class hold data describing global appearance attributes of the graph window.
GlobalAppearanceCalculator This class calculates global visual attributes such as the background color of the graph window.
LabelPosition Deprecated.  
NodeAppearance Objects of this class hold data describing the appearance of a Node.
NodeAppearanceCalculator This class calculates the appearance of a Node.
SubjectBase Abstract Base Class for Subject in the Subject / Observer Pattern.
VisualMappingManager Top-level class for controlling the visual appearance of nodes and edges according to data attributes, as well as some global visual attributes.
VisualStyle This class encapsulates a full set of visual mapping specifications for Cytoscape.

Enum Summary
ArrowShape Defines arrow shapes.
This replaces constants defined in
LineStyle Define line stroke.
VisualPropertyDependency.Definition An enum that lists the possible dependencies.
VisualPropertyType Enum for calculator types.
This will replace public constants defined in VizMapperUI class.
This Enum defines visual attributes used in Cytoscape.

Exception Summary
DuplicateCalculatorNameException This Exception is thrown when one attempts to add a Calculator to a CalculatorCatalog that already has a Calculator of the same name and interface type.

Package cytoscape.visual Description

Framework for generalized mappings from graph attributes to visual attributes. Graph attributes are either in the form of the actual nodes and edges of the graph, or in the form of values stored in one of CytoscapeWindow's two CyAttributes instances, edgeAttributes and nodeAttributes. Visual attributes include node color, size, shape, label, edge color, style, label, etc.

Cytoscape 2.8.0 API

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