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To apply, please send a current CV and references to Dr. Trey Ideker:



Dr. Ideker is in open recruitment for postdoctoral fellows for his Integrative Network Biology research group in the Departments of Medicine and Bioengineering at UC San Diego.

Numerous technological advances (e.g., immunoprecipitation, mass spectrometry) are enabling biologists to characterize large numbers of protein-protein, protein-DNA, and other molecular interactions. By searching these protein-protein and protein-DNA interaction networks using the appropriate computational tools, it is becoming possible to identify the interaction pathways and complexes in control of specific biological processes and disease states. Interaction networks provide a crucial entry point for Systems Biology approaches—i.e., the integration of genome-scale measurements to formulate computational models of basic cellular processes and their evolutionary relationships.

Postdoctoral associates are needed for both experimental and computational biology components of the group, and individuals spanning both disciplines are encouraged to apply.

For the experimental component, Postdoctoral Fellows are needed to direct large-scale perturbation analyses of DNA damage response pathways in yeast (in collaboration with Dr Richard Kolodner's lab). Candidates should be proficient in modern molecular biological laboratory procedure, and familiarity with DNA microarray hybridization, ChIP-chip, or next-gen sequencing, is a plus.

For the computational biology component, a Postdoctoral Associate is needed to develop new methods for global alignment and comparison of protein interaction networks across different species and/or different conditions. These methods will support several large-scale protein-interaction mapping projects underway in the Ideker Lab. Candidates should have solid experience and background in bioinformatics, including prior work in methods for sequence alignment, numerical optimization, biostatistics, and/or machine learning.

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